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Some things you might want to know: 

  • Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes is a fast, exciting read
  • This story is about Arthur Collins, a 10 year old, 21st-century boy from Castleton, Colorado.
  • You will like Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes if you like stories with: bullies, wizards, witches, time travel, and/or adventure!
  • Read a review: http://onceuponabook.wordpress.com 
  • The next book in the series is coming soon: Arthur Collins: Master of the Mirror

What new and exciting things are coming up?  

Come back soon and check this site for information about Arthur Collins and the Great American Book Race™!

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Ten fail-proof rules for helping children love to read by reading aloud to them:

  1. No matter the child’s age, end the reading period before they are restless, bored, or tired. 
  2. Start with picture books when babies are several months old. As the child grows, find the right books for the child’s understanding and age level. 
  3. Strive to find books that interest and please the child. 
  4. Parents: read to your children as a part of your schedule, and as a way to spend time together. Read to them even if they can read well by themselves.
  5. Make your reading time a relaxing time. If you, the adult reader, are tense or tired, read just a page or two and stop. 
  6. The rules for adults at reading time: no lectures, no arguments, no anger, no teaching, no criticisms, no martyrs. 
  7. Don’t use reading time as a correction or punishment. 
  8. Read for the fun of it, not to give the child a learning experience. The child will learn because he or she is in a wonderful world that the author created.
  9. Get into the book. Be a good and an interesting reader. Forget yourself. Be enthusiastic, be an actor, be funny, if you can.
  10. If you love and value this time together, your child will too. 

The most important rule of all for parents and adult readers:  Children must not be so over-scheduled that reading is just another task that must be completed. Children need free time to play, dream, and read.


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